Aug 062012

Okay, you caught me.  The title was click bait.  How many MBAs did I catch?

In all seriousness, it’s been way too long since since I filled this space with meaningless patter so I’ll try to catch up.

This has been an interesting year.  I came up with more business ideas the past several months than I had the previous several years.  So many that I couldn’t stay focused on any one.  Nor could I find anyone interested in taking any off of my hands.  So Google Docs fills up with billion-dollar brain farts that someone else will likely make happen.  C’est la vie, c’est la guerre.

As I posted a while back, I had decided I would form this thing called Tribal Method to 1) get my own $#|+ under control and 2) develop processes and resources for modern idea cultivation, collaboration and project management.  Not long afterward I discovered that others were well ahead of me on the same course so I figured it makes more sense to watch and/or contribute to their projects.  More on that in a post404 article or two to come.

On that last note, I had *almost* given up on post404 just a few months ago.  Low readership was the main reason.  I love writing but not solely for my own sake; readers are a necessary blessing.  I was also (and still am) discouraged by the inability to get any contributor articles.  But a funny thing happened: in July I posted My Nokia Maemo Story and suddenly I was getting views from everywhere.  Which mystifies me.  I put significant effort into A Geek’s Tribute to Jack Tramiel and it garners 38 views.  I post my own personal ramblings and get over 2000.  Folks, Jack Tramiel was a major reason we are doing what we’re doing.  He definitely deserves better!

So I guess I still don’t get this tech blogging thing.  Especially since I keep seeing people subscribe to my old WordPress site, Tabula Crypticum, when I don’t even write there any more.  Guys, seriously:  I promise, more content is coming!

Oh, and in June I did make it to Tampere, Finland for Devaamo Summit thanks to many friends who loaned me part of the airfare.  Thanks to a new job with a US railroad (just started two weeks ago) I should soon have the funds to start paying people back.  There’s also an article in draft that I need to finish…

Circling back to Tribal Method, time management has always been a pain for me.  My idea-to-time ratio sucks.  I either need to generate fewer of the former or find more of the latter.  Neither seems to be happening, so I’ll fight the urge to mania-task (multi-task just isn’t the word) and focus on a select handful of items.  They are:

  • Downtown Fort Worth Plan 2023 improvement/renewal project.  I’m mainly looking to get a Hackerspace started (help?).
  • post404 of course
  • 3d printing community work.  I may be helping Shapeways with a Dallas event soon.
  • Nokia Developer Champion stuff.  We have a meetup group of around 50 people for Windows Phone development.  Yes, I would prefer working in Qt and on N9 or N950.  Things are what they are.
  • unfolo.  I have an idea about temporary contacts.  Under development.  Follow @unfolo on twitter.

That list leaves out several projects I would really like to get going… some of them potentially huge game-changers.  Millionaire-making stuff.  But I’m just one guy and need to find people interested in making them happen.  I will be discussing them at a high level at post404 soon.  If something piques your interest, I’m ready to help make you rich.


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