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Greetings all!  It’s time to dive back into Windows Phone developer community land.  In this post I’ll be sharing the good and not-so-good news for WP development in my region, which is physically centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but also includes Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.  I’ll summarize the year and share some ongoing/upcoming stuff too.


Since starting this part-time role, I have spoken directly with hundreds of developers in my coverage area, and communicated with or become aware of many more by email, Twitter and other virtual means.  Out of that, here’s a breakdown of current status:

2014 Windows Phone Developer Information – Nokia Dev North TX




Contact and related info

Have provided a name and expressed interest


Partially registered with me (Name, email address and location minimum)


Fully registered with me (email address, DVLUP account name,   Windows Dev Center name, location)


Twitter name also helpful but not required


Have published app(s) to the Windows Phone Store


Active (WP app created/updated within previous 180 days)


 Goal: get this higher!

Related developer and enthusiast groups (must show examples of Windows Phone support)

North Texas

Member of Windows Phone App Developer Group – DFW


Member of DFW Mobile .NET


Supports Windows Phone, iOS and Android
Member of Dallas .NET User’s Group


Broad interest that includes .NET mobile development


(no groups known) Rich Dunbar is working on starting a group in Oklahoma City


(no groups known) I am in discussion about this with the Kansas City Mobile App Developers Group


Member of Boulder .NET User Group


Broad interest that includes .NET mobile development
Member of Colorado Microsoft Developers


Member of GeoDev Meet Up Group – Colorado


Broad interest that includes .NET mobile development


Member of Omaha Mobile Group


Broad mobile interest

South Dakota

Member of Sioux Falls Developers Group


Broad interest that includes .NET mobile development


Note some big gaps between some of these numbers… which means missed opportunities for many developers and myself.  For developers because in the past year or so I’ve given out plenty of Nokia phones, swag, software development resources and even cash to many.  For myself because I receive incentives from Nokia directly tied to developer activity and success.

Obviously I’m highly motivated to help interested developers, who should in turn be motivated by their own rewards.  Too many have been missing out, as I’ll explain further in a bit.  But bottom line, I’d like to see that 29 active developers count go up.  WAY up.


There haven’t been many Windows Phone meetups in the DFW area recently.  The original DFW developer group has been inactive for a while, and my focus for the past few months has been on a multitude of local hackathons.  On that note, here’s a list of some I’ve supported:

And events planned for the future:

  • AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon, Las Vegas, 04 to 05 January 2014.
  • Dallas IGDA Holiday Party, 11 January 2014.  Hang out with rockin’ gamers– I’ll have prizes!  Bonus prize for registered developers.
  • Global Game Jam, 24 to 26 January, 2014.
  • UNT Big Data Hackathon, 07 to 09 February 2014.
  • Dallas Day Of Dot Net, 28 March 2014
  • BRIT Civic Hacking event, probably summer of 2014.  Planned to coincide with the annual, US-wide Hack for Change events.
  • DFW Mobile.NET learning sessions under development for 2014.  Will cover Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
  • DVLUP Day(s) DFW.  We’ve had a few large events focused on DVLUP around the country and they’ve been a tremendous success.  Some have in fact broken developer-involvement records for Nokia and Microsoft.  I intended to hold a small one for DFW this Fall but the previously-mentioned hackathons interfered.  Look for one sometime next year, and possibly something bigger.

Let me know of any I’ve missed!  I’ll update this page.

Promotions and Opportunities

Chances at prizes and fame!  Note that not all of these are for coding.  Some key opportunities:


As of this writing, DVLUP now supports 40 countries around the world.  It’s an unstoppable phenomenon!

We’re rewarding Windows Phone developers for doing what they love best: coding apps.  Many have made out well, with success stories that include one developer earning enough points for six Lumia 920s during a December 2012 promotion!  And yet, there are many who have published WP apps yet aren’t active in DVLUP.  I personally find that mystifying, but I’m here to support those savvy developers who know a good thing when they see it.

There have been some growing pains, including recent site glitches, but rest assured the DVLUP team is highly committed to providing you a rewarding experience.  Get in and get active!


As many of you know, Windows Phone continues to grow in popularity.  Back in early 2012 I struggled to get local developers interested.  By early 2013, Windows Phone teams were winning at hackathons!  I believe the platform is at a tipping point toward huge success, and suspect that Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business will help cement that.  Get involved before the WP app store is oversaturated!

Along those lines, we’re not sure what’s going to happen with our little team when the buyout dust settles.  However, I have no doubt that DVLUP’s success is being recognized by Microsoft.  No guarantees from me, and I have no inside info, but I suspect it’s going to continue.

Going Forward

Let’s make 2014 the year of no excuses.  If you have ideas, start developing!  If your app has grown stale and you’ve fallen out of the active category, refresh it!  Remember that Nokia’s Ambassador team is here to help you.  And if you have suggestions for me, please share!  Especially for events.  I didn’t get out to other states in my coverage area this year and I’d like to change that.

But generally, I challenge my immediate and extended WP developer community to do the following:

  • Code/update Windows Phone apps.  Keep them fresh!
  • Make sure you’re active on DVLUP, and submitting apps.  We’re giving you great stuff!
  • Get fully registered with me.  I’m going to be doing more promotions!  You must be registered to be eligible.
  • Enter your apps in Microsoft’s Apportunity Sweepstakes.  Ca$h to be had!
  • Follow this blog and my @NokiaDevNorthTX Twitter account religiously.

Don’t be one of the many missing out.  Make sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity.  If you’re already coding Windows Phone apps and not hooking up with promotions, why the heck not???  I’ll be releasing my first WP app soon and you can bet I’ll submit it for DVLUP XP.

More to come in 2014!  Thanks everyone.

  • Thank you Randall for the update! I’m super excited for 2014.

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