Mar 252015
So a little background on my novelette-in-progress, ‪‎Downtime. You don’t need to have read the preview to find this fascinating.

Rand Flem-Ath built on a theory by Charles Hapgood many years ago that itself expanded on the pole-shift hypothesis.  The latter simply says that Earth’s magnetic axis periodically reorients– and we see proof of past reorientation events recorded in natural magnetic media.  The north pole for instance has been discovered to have been based in other locations, and is even meandering about today. (note: this is not the same as pole-flipping)

Hapgood (and Flem-Ath) believed that there have also been crustal displacements, wherein the entire crust slides freely across the mantle, relocating continents more or less in toto.


Whether this is true or not (Albert Einstein suspected it is, after he read Hapgood’s original work on the subject), the idea struck me as excellent fiction material. What happens to a planet undergoing such a catastrophe?  What happens to people afterward?  That’s the essential premise behind Downtime and some related stories to come.  I hope you find them interesting; Downtime should at least make it out as an e-book before Summer and while I don’t expect to get rich from it, a few purchases wouldn’t hurt!

If you’re interested in Flem-Ath’s ideas, check his site: His “When the Sky Fell” is a compelling read!

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