Jun 192015
I‘ve shared a lot about my struggles with certain health issues, and hopefully some of that information has helped others.  Western medicine has been less than helpful and I’ve had to do a great deal of research into alternatives to treat certain ailments… mostly successfully.

But it turns out that a great deal of what I’ve been experiencing can be traced down to a single root cause: deterioration in 2 cervical vertebrae that has caused nerve damage.  The more I research, the more obvious it is that this deterioration goes back to bad posture and habits I had as a kid.  Recent tests indicated that the problem is advanced and if not addressed soon, I may reach a point where it’s beyond solving.  I may even become partially paralyzed, and lose the ability to swallow.

Therein lies my dilemma.

The surgery will cost several thousand out of pocket, and I’ll likely lose another several thousand from missing work.  That’s even with insurance, which has been mostly useless.

I make good money, but have no way of coming up with this.  Friends have suggested a GoFundMe campaign, and pride has so far prevented me… well, that and the fear that it won’t succeed.

I know I have a few friends who would help, but I don’t see how I can get a campaign going that would pull in the necessary amount.  I could see maybe a few hundred $, but not the $20,000+ I estimate would be needed.  The campaign would have to go viral, and I’ve never had that happen with any post.  I have a great many followers on twitter, but that hasn’t amounted to much.

So… what do you all think?  Should I even try?

  • Tina

    Before you make the jump, you could try this book, that was reviewed on NPR. The book title is “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back” by Esther Gokhale. The writer herself had a herniated disc and went into surgery, but the pain came back a year later, so she decided to research indigenous cultures and the lack of back pain problems there.

    It’s available at a public library so it would just cost a few hours of reading. I hope it helps!


    • Thanks… the problem is that my neck is currently very malformed. Two vertebrae lost a lot of mass and now my neck is bent at a very odd angle. I don’t know if anything but surgery can repair the severe damage.

  • Mindbody Medic

    Hi man, sorry to hear. You should really try to contact Dr David Hanscom based in Seattle and get him to review your case before you ever consider surgery. Myself and many others who actually had surgery were spared surgery/or further by simply reading a book by Dr John E Sarno. Healing back pain. My youtube channel gives a basic idea of his work, saved my life.

    • Just ordered the book after Yuri Lowenthal mentioned it, thanks. I’m concerned about the severe loss of bone mass but I’m willing to look at alternatives. As it is, the affected section has become really malformed…

      • Mindbody Medic

        no idea where you are based but Howard Schubiner in Michigan or Dr David Hanscom in Seattle would be able to sift through your case and give sound advice. Hanscom is a spinal surgeon but has discovered many diagnoses undergo unnecessary surgery. all the best with it

        • I’m in North Texas.

          • Mindbody Medic

            Just had a look through directory on TMSwiki.org and this guy is nearest.

            John Sklar, MD (Physician)

            Dr. John Sklar practices Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Fort Worth, Texas. He has been treating TMS for 20 years.

            Board Certified in Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine
            2500 West Freeway
            Suite 400
            Fort Worth, TX 76102
            (817) 870-1868

          • Thank you! I’ll see if he’s in my (mostly useless) insurance plan.

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