Sep 102014
Well, I’ve posted a few times here about work/life changes and how they’ll affect my writing here, but given more recent developments I want to narrow that further.  Warning: this gets personal.

I’ve historically held a variety of interests and usually found the time and energy to manage those most important.  I’ve always taken that for granted.

However, the past several months have truly tested that.  A negative turn to my marital situation, oldest son leaving for the Navy, and ongoing health and other issues have all contributed to pulling my “eye off the prize(s)”.  Not that I view my son’s choice as a bad thing per se; I just miss him when I could use local support.

That last part is key: it’s just recently hit home harder than ever that the bulk of my support network is far outside my locality.  Most of my true friends, people I can count on when I need, are in other states or overseas.  There are some exceptions, but I find I’m putting too much a burden on my youngest (adult) son at a time when he has growing needs of his own.

So like it or not, I need to scale back.  That process was already underway but it has to go further.  Part of that was solved for me when our local maker foundation was unceremoniously dissolved; more on that later [update: see here].

In a lot of ways I’m at a crossroads (hello, 50s!) and that’s going to increasingly feed into the content here.  Fair warning.  You’re going to see less objectivity here, more hard-hitting but fairly-founded and informed opinionated stuff.  I’m going to cut through a lot of the tech propaganda that’s been irritating the hell out of me for some time and spare Twitter a lot of 140-character outbursts.  I expect to also write more often here, too.  This site will be more about me and my thoughts and less about what projects I’m supporting.  I’ll blog at specific forums about specific endeavors, and that will be that.

So all hands brace for impact.

  • Karen S

    Bring it, Randall, bring it!

    • Oops, how did I miss this??? Thanks for the encouragement!

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