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Greetings all,

I’ve decided it makes much more sense to do all updates on this blog and email the link rather than send it all via email.  That way the content gets greater exposure and you have shorter emails.  ;)

Now onto business… topics are:

  • Nokia Promotions
  • Lumia 800s
  • General
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
    • Meetups
    • Hackathons

Nokia Promotions

I was about to launch a Windows Phone promotion tied to my local Civic hacking activities, but another need has come up and I’ll focus on that first.

The Nokia Developer Ambassadors are working hard to make sure we’re serving you in the best way possible.  That means having the most recent contact and program data for you.  I’ve already spoken with some of you individually, and others have responded to Rich Dunbar’s appeals, but consider this a broadcast to my community:

I’m doing a simple drawing and giving away some cool Nokia prizes for those meeting the criteria below.  You can win JBL Power Up Speakers, Wireless Charging Plate, or Nokia Purity Headset with Monster technology.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Live in North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska or South Dakota (see NOTE below if you live in USA or Canada but not in my region)
  2. Have a published Windows Phone app
  3. Send me the following (via email or blog comments) by midnight July 31, CST:
    • Full Name
    • Email address
    • Microsoft Dev Center name (not GUID)
    • DVLUP name (register ASAP if you’re not!)
    • City/State
    • Twitter name if you have one (not required)

If you’re out of my area, see http://richarddunbar.blogspot.com/2013/07/developer-registration-drive.html.

Note that I’ll launch the Civic Hacking promotion soon after this and will post a special announcement for it.

As for others that had been running, I’m sorry to say that the Microsoft Windows Phone Keep the Cash and APPortunity promotions have ended.  At this time I have no idea if anything else is coming from Microsoft (or other sponsors), but I will let you know once I do.

Lumia 800s

I’m happy to announce I’m almost out of Lumia 800s for app incentives.  Why happy?  This means you’ve all been busy!

But if you have not yet released a Windows Phone 7 or 8 app, make sure you get published ASAP to qualify for one of the remaining phones!  People tell me they make excellent reserve and test devices.


Many of you have already registered for the Mailchimp email list, and I appreciate it.  But I’m wondering now if it’s even necessary.  Since I’ll be using this blog more, maybe it makes sense to fully use its subscription and group communications abilities.  What do you think?  Let me know in comments.

Oh, and to get a view into what we Ambassadors do at big events, check out my recent write-up on //build/ 2013.

Finally, please share this article and related info about Nokia’s outreach to anyone you feel may be interested.  I am especially looking to connect with more schools in the DFW area.

Dallas – Fort Worth


I’m still planning to put together DVLUP-specific meetups for the DFW area, called DVLUP Days.  The idea will be to get developers through a DVLUP challenge and an app ready for publishing in one day (if possible).  Should be fun!  Make sure you’re registered– if not, you’re missing out on benefits!

I’m also working on a Mobile Monday WP App Showcase for DFW, with some local powerhouse development firms.  I’m looking for developers to submit one of their apps for consideration.  If you’re selected, you’ll be presenting your app at an upcoming event.  The goal will be to get you more downloads, reviews and notice.  I will also do a special twitter push for the apps selected.  So start submitting!  Use email or this comments section.

Finally, we need to hold more general meetups as well.  I haven’t seen any scheduled recently by corporate or community leaders so I’ll be filling the gap as I can.


This fall is going to be busy in DFW!  The University of North Texas is planning three hackathons (September, October and November).  No details yet, but I’ll post when I have them!

There’s also the 20Over20 hackathon coming in a couple of months, running from September 19 through September 22.  It looks very interesting so far; check it out.

As for the planned Nokiathon, that’s still under discussion.  I’m excited at the possibility and hope to be able to schedule mine before too long.

That’s it!

Thanks everyone, and as always: call, tweet or email me at any time with any question, concern or proposal.  I will do my best to address your needs promptly!


Randall (Randy) Arnold
Nokia Developer Ambassador

Twitter: @NokiaDevNorthTX
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/texrat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NokiaDeveloperOutreachNorthTexas

  • Congratulations to our winners!

    Jeff Bramwell: Powerup speakers
    Sean Sparkman: Purity headset
    Matthew Montgomery: Wireless charging plate

    Any of these prizes may be exchanged for a Wenger DVLUP-branded backpack or Lumia 800 phone.

    Way to go, guys!

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