May 152014
I had been saving a cathartic piece on Nokia’s phone business for the day of its official absorption by Microsoft, but that day has come and gone and with its passing so too dissipated the desire to vent.  I think I’ve shared enough here and there anyway, having only neglected to address the loss of my most recent working opportunity with Nokia.  On that, I will only say I was highly committed and went above and beyond the call of duty, but was done in by a combination of local developer apathy and business politics.  The only sticking point is that I was released from the Developer Ambassador corps just as our local Microsoft evangelists were being empowered to support Windows phone and contacting me with Big Plans.  I’m not happy about being let go, but… ah well.

I’ve decided I don’t really want to rehash the whole Nokia phone business story.  There’s been enough already and I would just add to noise that should be fading now.  Nokia’s phone business now belongs to Microsoft and that is that.  I’m pleased to report that I did very well on the stock.  ;)

What surprises people, even some who should not be (if they were actually listening when I speak on the subject), is that Nokia continues on.  It will move forward as a map services + cell infrastructure + mysterious R & D entity.  Folks can be forgiven for some confusion though.  The company’s presence is now fragmented across three domains (,, and the original site comes across as bipolar.  I’m sure this will all settle out at some point.  I hope so, because I have a job application in at NSN that hasn’t progressed in months…

I’m not just waiting on Nokia to pull itself together though.  Ultimately I still want to captain my own destiny with Tribal Method, and I’ve been putting a ton of work into our local maker community as well.  Bottom line, I want to make and execute.  Just like Nokia, I’m not dead yet.

So I’m learning about Intel’s Galileo developer board, diving back into long-neglected 3D modeling, and getting better at C#.  Let’s see where those and other pursuits take me.  I’ll start doing a better job of writing here, too… just easy on the rehash.

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