Mar 022012

Ok, so I last wrote about a little venture I am starting called Tribal Method, and already the questions are rolling in (just not here for some reason).  So I’ll explain a bit more.

First, I need a gathering place for my own ideas and projects.  Just to manage them if nothing else.  So I’m going to incorporate as Tribal Method first to start organizing my own efforts.  The initial website will host them and provide links to services that support what I’m about to describe.

As I mentally explored ideas on project organization, I realized the if I could solve MY needs I could solve ANYone’s.   Just… unconventionally.

See, I deal with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  I refuse to say “suffer from” because although the syndrome can be a major pain in the butt, it’s also ironically responsible for my success in many areas.  ADD is a common cause of unboxed creative thinking and I would not trade this curse for any gift.  But– constantly generating countless revolutionary ideas is rather useless if there’s no mechanism for moving them forward.  In my career I have often had to depend on others for that.  I’d rather not.

Project management tools have not helped, because they don’t work the way I do.  Too often they demand too much labor in setup and maintenance, and lack natural connectivity to my other systems and data stores.  This makes project management extremely inefficient.

Everyone with ADD or ADHD right now is nodding in sympathetic horror.  We HATE inefficiencies– even our own.

My idea count has just been mounting with no end or solution in sight.  Pulling together teams has been frustrating because the people I know well enough to trust have their own things going.  Part of the solution has been getting out more and getting involved on the business side, but even that has made me realize there’s still a need out there for herding ideas through the development process and into actual products and services.

So I’m going to bite the bullet and focus foremost on crafting a solution.  I need something immersive.  Where my often-erratic workflow automatically incorporates the actual management part.  Something that Just Works.  Seamlessly.  Invisibly.

As I said last time, technology should be an enabler.  It should support solutions that work the way users want to work rather than forcing us into awkward, counterproductive corners.  And while not everyone has to deal with ADD or ADHD, other constraints impose on them the same problems I experience.

It’s time to create something to address that.

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