Aug 282014
Ok, I’m getting slaughtered in the Helsinki photo contest, so it’s time to up the game. You’re going to want to read the whole post.

I’m going to pull YOU in as a potential prizewinner. That means a FREE TRIP TO HELSINKI, FINLAND for you if I win the contest (Facebook contest winner gets two tickets) and you get drawn from the list.

Got your attention? Okay, here’s how it’s going to go, starting now:

  • you must be eligible to travel to Helsinki at any time in September or October this year (probably latter October)
  • you must be eligible to receive the ticket per Visit Helsinki’s decision (I have no say in that; it may be a gamble for you)
  • you must have a current passport by travel time
  • you must have Liked one or more of my photos (other two linked at bottom; Liking 2 or more does not increase your chances of winning directly, but *may* help mine, so…)
  • you must share the *photo* from the contest page to your timeline with a bit about the contest and how you’re trying to help me go.  Sharing anything else can help me but not necessarily you
  • the photo must get at least one Like from your post
  • you must message me (by any means) when the above are satisfied

Winner will be drawn at random from all eligible participants.

Yes, it’s a hassle, but: FREE trip! And note that I deleted my previous shares from your timelines if I posted there.  Sorry again about the spam.  I’ve learned.

Get busy!  Here are the photos again:

Share one or all, but I’m betting the more total likes, the better OUR chances.  ;)

DISCLAIMERS: I am not responsible for any rules or restrictions other than those stated in this post. If you decline or are unable to use the ticket, I have a short list of people (starting with my son Daniel Arnold) to give it to. It’s possible we may have to share a hotel room or you may have to cover your own lodging. Just FYI.

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