Aug 262014
Today I’m spamming the Internet with yet another appeal, this time involving a possible opportunity for this unofficial ambassador to revisit one of my favorite cities: Helsinki, Finland.

There’s no funds or funny stuff required.  Visit Helsinki has arranged a contest where contestants’ photos are displayed in a Facebook media album and all you need to do is Like those of your favorite participant.  In this instance, me.

And in case you need further motivation, as I noted in the previous post here I’m working on a book about maker communities.  One of the coauthors, Jarkko Moilanen, works in Helsinki and I’d like a chance to get with him face-to-face for a bit.  I also hope to interview former Maemo/MeeGo community members (now with Jolla) to get their perspective on collaborative communities.

I have many friends in Finland and several of them have jumped in to help.  But so far it’s not nearly enough– I’m being beaten pretty soundly by another contestant and could use all the assistance I can muster.

So… please find time to check out my three photos of Helsinki’s sunny seaside, and give each one a Like.  Feel free to add comments as well, and by all means: share this out!  Let’s see the power of social networking at work!  Not just on Facebook, either– see my Twitter profile and LinkedIn activity for other means of sharing.

To make it easy on you, I’ve embedded the photos below:

And here’s my original Facebook post:

Thanks, or as they say in Finland, kiitos!

  • Well, I was battling hard with one particular contestant, who kept moving ahead as I came close to catching up… then out of nowhere one photo shot up to 297 Likes. Seems a little fishy, but… well… Facebook.

    • Update: two contestants were found to be cheating, and disqualified. My true competitor won honestly. :)

  • Sorry, contest details were deleted by Facebook

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