Experienced product innovator and former Nokia quality engineer who was directly involved in the launch and support of Linux-powered mobile computers like the N800.  Current Nokia Developer Ambassador.  July 2011 Nokia Developer Champion of the month.  Former three-time community council representative and MeeGo Community Office member who worked on grassroots marketing process and the MeeGo community device program as well as other key community initiatives.  Founder of Maemo Greeters and MeeGo Greeters, successful community self-help programs.  Managed MeeGo Network DFW.  Founder and Editor-in-Chief of post404 magazine.  Co-founder and director of Tarrant Maker foundation.

Open to tech opportunities, especially involving mobility, usability, 3D printing, energy efficiency and reducing ecological impact.


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Skype: texrat


  • Community Development and Leadership
  • Local and Virtual Teaming, including Training
  • Technical, Persuasive and Creative Writing
  • Product Development, Launch, Data and Lifecycle Management
  • Business Analysis and Process Management
  • Supply Chain Process Development and Support
  • Configuration and Variant Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software and Hardware Product Testing
  • Query and Report Development