Tribal Method


EDIT: I discovered that there were already solutions being developed along these lines.   I’ll write about them at some point.  The mission of Tribal Method has been redefined; see the website for details..

Ok, you ask, what IS Tribal Method?

What I’m trying to develop is an approach to idea cultivation and project management that bridges corporate and community.  One that facilitates the development of an idea into something useful.  After all, isn’t that what inventors want to do?

But Tribal Method won’t be another LegalZoom.  Or any other existing entity that may come to mind.  There’s no reason to recreate solutions that already work well.  Those are potential partners.

Instead, Tribal Method will be the connective tissue between services that already enable parts of the development process.  A community approach that recognizes every member’s desire to work the way they want and still manage to be on the same page as other team mates.

Yes, it sounds rather nebulous right now but I know that many of you know the gaps I intend to cover.  So while I’m not looking for anyone (other then me) to do any work just yet, I definitely want to hear where your critical gaps are.  And even better, where you have found *partial* solutions.  Or just thoughts in general!

So comment at this article.  Let’s turn complaints into creation!